My wife Lori almost fainted as she looked at the long stress fracture in her MRI scan (see report). It was a fracture in her right femur (thigh bone), the cause of so much recent intense pain. Her body was failing to create healthy bone, resulting in a spontaneous fracture from regular use. Anorexia at a young age, followed by years of osteopenia, had brought her to this overwhelming moment.

Her doctor was blunt:  “These fractures often do not heal, and a metal rod is the usual solution.  You could try staying off your leg for 8-10 weeks, but I am not optimistic.  You may decide to just put a rod in now.  However, you need to know, because of the weakness of the bone, your femur could still break below the rod.”  Since the second femur bone often fractures within several years of the first, more surgeries were possible and likely.  The diagnosis was bad news.  It spelled out a crippling future for Lori, and bones that may not support her through the remainder of her life.

Lori opted to go on crutches for 10 weeks to give us time to process this diagnosis and to see if the bone would heal.  Her doctor warned that after 10 weeks we would have no way of knowing if the leg was healed, since a healed bone would still show a stress fracture for up to a year on an MRI report or a bone scan.

Lori immediately turned to God in prayer and asked her church family to pray for her for healing of the fracture, protection against further fracture in her other bones, and a reversal of the bone brittleness. She was prayed for by the prayer team at church, with people gathered around to place their hands on her, just like Jesus did to heal people long ago. In addition, the church’s Women’s prayer team came to our house for more intensive prayer for Lori.

Three weeks into this time of waiting and prayer, Lori had a bone scan done to look for the cause of a recent flare up of pain in her back. Doctors were concerned that there were fractures in her spine as well.  The results of the bone scan were astounding.  Not only did it show NO fractures in her back, but it showed NO fracture in her thigh bone either!

Could it be that the Lord had completely restored the brittle femur bone?  Lori sent the bone scan to her orthopedic doctor.  He too was astounded. He had no explanation for why no fracture had been found. He consulted the radiologist who confirmed that if there was a healing fracture in her leg, the bone scan would show it.  Mystified, the doctor suggested that we do another MRI to try to figure out what was happening.  Normally, insurance will not pay for this test so soon after a previous one, but the doctor pushed for it.  We prayed.  God answered, and an MRI was schedule for the following week.

On February 8, 2017, a second MRI was performed on Lori’s femur (see results here).  The results of the test showed no sign of the fracture, which had shown up so clearly only 3 weeks before.  Even if the fracture was in the midst of healing it would show up clearly in the scan (according to the radiologist). Lori’s doctor could not understand the results. He knew what he had seen before, and what he was looking at now.  There was no medical explanation, and no sign of any natural healing. Lori’s bone was simply brand new!

Lori has truly experienced a creative miracle.  In his mercy, God has saved her from a debilitating future.

Lori and I feel incredibly blessed and loved by God.  But we would feel that even if Lori was not healed. We cannot explain why God heals some and not others.  We only know He asked us to seek Him, pray and trust He would do what was best.

At the end of every church service, we pray for anyone who needs God to do something in their life. If you are stirred by this story and need prayer, Lori and I want to invite you to come visit us on a Sunday morning.  We have a loving and gracious prayer team that would love to pray for you.

Pastor Gary